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An implant is a non-body material (e.g.: pure titanium) and serves as a holding and supporting pillar for prosthetic constructions (e.g.: crowns, bridges, dentures). Implants are ideal as a solution for an individual and long-term dental prosthesis, as they can be precisely adapted and minimally invasively integrated.

For any type of dental prosthesis, we will advise you in detail in advance about your individual options and costs.

Dental prosthetics

In dental prosthetics, teeth or rows of teeth that are damaged or no longer present are replaced by individual prostheses. The jaw bone can also be partially or fully replaced by dental prosthetics.

Custom-fit dentures are designed to support the functions of the jaw and the included teeth and prevent further consequential damage. Dental prosthetics includes some important issues: Damage from caries or periodontitis, facial aesthetics as well as speech function and chewing function.

Dentures with CEREC

We offer high-quality dental prostheses such as inlays, crowns and veneers in just one session. This is possible because of the innovative system of CEREC, which makes us able to produce your dentures directly in our practice.

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