Dental Practice in Frankfurt Riedberg

Dental prevention and care make the difference!

Dental prevention includes various measures that serve to prevent caries and periodontal disease. We will advise you individually on proper tooth cleaning behavior and the use of available products for this purpose. Furthermore, we offer our patients professional dental cleanings, during which all hard and soft plaque on the teeth is completely removed. This means that caries and periodontal disease do not stand a chance.

Tooth whitening

Every person has different "tooth colors". The shades of our teeth are very different. The color of our teeth changes automatically, with increasing age,. By consumption of e.g. red wine, coffee, tea and / or nicotine this effect is still strengthened. Nowadays, white teeth are considered very "aesthetic" and stand for success and health. In our practice we perform the whitening of discolored teeth with various modern and gentle methods.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry includes all measures that are intended to improve the appearance (especially of the front teeth). For example: bleaching (whitening), correction of the shape or surface of the tooth with composite or veneers, shaping (correction of tooth misalignments, gaps or color differences).

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