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Our dental services for patients are very diverse. Personal and competent consultation is very important to us in advance. During an initial consultation, we analyze your current dental situation with patients and then discuss any necessary measures and options together. In addition to the usual dental services, we are particularly specialized in oral surgery and implantology.

We are happy to provide patients who go to the dentist with fear with detailed information about the individual treatment steps and individual anesthesia options. Basically, due to the use of modern techniques and gentle procedures, no one needs to be afraid of dental treatment today.

Andreas Müller-Rau
Dentist / Oral Surgeon


Endodontology (root canal treatment) deals with the form, function and health maintenance of the pulp (tooth nerve) and the adjacent dentin (hard tooth tissue). In the case of inflamed or dead tooth nerves, this treatment is necessary as a tooth-preserving measure. The aim is to successfully preserve the functionality of the tooth.

Root canal treatments are carried out by us gently, without any pain and according to the latest medical knowledge as well as with the most modern equipment.

Root canal treatments are performed to preserve the tooth and include, among other things, the diagnosis and treatment of endodontic diseases.


Periodontology deals with the treatment of diseases of the tooth supporting tissue and the surrounding gums. Diseases of the gums can have many causes. Bleeding gums, swelling and sensitive gums are visible signs of gingivitis. This can have various causes. Aggressive, tissue-destroying bacteria settle in the gum pockets and cause periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss in the long term.

We will treat this disease with gentle interventions and the most modern possibilities. We will be happy to advise you about the individual procedures and possibilities.

Children´s consultation hours

During our children´s consultation hours, we pay lots of special attention to the fears and needs of our young patients. The kids will be introduced to the treatment with a lot of calm, comprehension and detailed explanations.

Among others, we exclusively care for the children of the daycare center "Sonnenwind" and the daycare center "Riedberg 2".

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry includes all measures that are intended to improve the appearance (especially of the front teeth). For example: bleaching (whitening), correction of the shape or surface of the tooth with composite or veneers, shaping (correction of tooth misalignments, gaps or color differences).


Upon request, we offer our patients dental treatment under general anesthesia. In this case, we use inhalation anesthesia, in which the anesthetic (air or oxygen-narcotic mixture) is administered through an endotracheal tube (cuff) after delivery, and which is usually combined with muscle relaxation (muscle relaxation).

Advantages: Optimal airway clearance, no risk of swallowing.

Anxious patient? Bad sleep, stomach rumbling or heart palpitations before the dentist appointment - There is no reason for that! Nowadays, treatment on teeth is almost painless with the most modern equipment and gentle anesthesia and should therefore not really frighten any patient.

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